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Curative Cannabis is the result of years of experience in cannabis production within a Health Canada regulated environment. Our facility’s design, and our production practices are the distilled product of innovation, experimentation, and design-thinking, resulting in the apex of indoor cannabis cultivation processes.

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purpose built

Through careful definition and optimization of our critical processes and control mechanisms, Curative Cannabis has achieved advanced processing certifications that stand as a badge of our commitment to cultivating a superior product.

design highlights

The materials that we are using in the construction of our facility including interior finishing and surfaces that are on schedule to exceed the industry’s established production standards. Incorporating a unique air diffusion system along with the integration of environmental and plant-monitoring controls ensures that our operation is smooth and seamless, allowing us to predict and identify any challenges before they arise.


We utilize only best-in-class LED lighting and a water / nutrient solution recycling system in order to optimize our yields and reduce our carbon footprint. A hyper-efficient HVAC system keeps the air clean and breathable for both our plants and our hard working employees.

Quality at Every Stage

With a state-of-the art reverse-osmosis water filtration system, we ensure that our irrigation system pumps only the cleanest water - free from salts, lead, mercury, calcium, iron, and other elements often found in growing - leading to a happier and healthier end product.
Leveraging the capabilities of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, we can guarantee that our environment is free of pollens, dust, and airborne mold spores - the filtered air being treated with ultraviolet light it is recycled back into our facility. Through routine inspections and automated monitoring around the clock, we are constantly measuring and ensuring our standard of maintaining the highest sanitary growing conditions.

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